It goes without saying that having fully operational brakes are an essential part of vehicle safety. There are several signs that your car’s braking system needs a check-up, including:

  • Brakes squealing: not only does this sound annoying, it also often means there’s vibration in your car brakes that are causing a high-pitched noise. There are a few possible reasons for this, including work brake linings, a damaged brake drum or disc, loose front disc pads, or worn hardware on the callipers.
  • Shaking steering wheel when brakes applied: often caused by an issue with your car’s front discs
  • Not braking quickly enough: this is incredibly dangerous, particularly if you find yourself in a situation where you have to brake quickly, and is most often a result of your brakes needing to be adjusted or new linings needed
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when braking: this can either be caused by leaking brake fluid or a stuck calliper

We will conduct a thorough inspection of your car’s braking system and advise you on any repairs or services required. Our services Include:

  • Brake pad replacement.
  • Disc brake rotor replacement and machining
  • Brake shoe replacement
  • Brake Drum machining and replacement
  • Wheel cylinder replacement
  • Full brake overhaul involving calliper service, hydraulic repairs and parts
  • parking brake

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